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AZCO Controllers

RMC series

These controllers are designed to work with our rack mounted (RMU series) units and they are also rack mounted

  • This controller is designed specifically for dry air based feed gas systems, and has a built in air dryer. The RMDC can support upto two rack mounted units
  • ORP Display
  • Vacuum Display
  • External Control
  • Ambient R.H.
  • Feed Gas R.H.
  • Process Interlock
  • Optional PLC
  • Rack Mountable
  • ~5g/hr output
  • Wall mountable
  • Compact form factor
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Powder coated Al. cabinet

VMCS series

These controllers are meant to work in conjuction with our wall mountable units, they are also wall mountable

VMUS-2 (download PDF product spec.)
  • This controller is designed specifically systems that utilize bottles of feed gas, or any feed gas that does not require any controlling by the controller. The RMMC can support upto 8 rack mounted units